The document, first reported by NBC News on May 8,

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cheap nfl jerseys The report from the Sierra Nevada Corporation reached top officials in Washington, DC, and is currently under examination by several Congressional committees.But on Sunday, The Daily Beast disproved much of the evidence in the report, citing satellite imagery, open source investigators, and security experts.Sen. Tom Cotton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have both claimed there is evidence that the virus came from the lab. The theory remains unverified.Visit ‘s homepage for more stories.A report from a major Pentagon contractor, which claimed to prove how China isolated the Wuhan lab accused of leaking the novel coronavirus, has been debunked.The document, first reported by NBC News on May 8, was sent to the Department of Defense by the Multi Agency Collaboration Environment (MACE) unit at the Sierra Nevada Corporation, a longtime DOD client.It has since reached top US officials. cheap nfl jerseys

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