7th May 2015Quote: “Y’all been trying to get that

If Indian politics is a theatre, Tamil Nadu is a multiplex. Where cigarette flicks and dark glasses are the perennial symbols of style and substance, sycophancy does a tandava over psephology. And with the players ensconced in the ministerial thrones in Delhi, it is no longer just a southern delight.

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So if there were no Christmas, how would you feel? I haven’t celebrated Christmas for many years. I don’t need Christmas to love my family, to give gifts, to share myself with outsiders. I practise ‘giving’ all year round. Sports withdrawal is not a concept with a body of research behind it, because the current cessation of games has no precedent. But both fans and experts agree it is a legitimate byproduct of the pandemic for the sports crazed population which is a large portion of American society. Nearly 60% of Americans identify as sports fans, according to Gallup’s most recent poll.

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“The Titans celebration of youth football jamboree is an event that has generated excitement throughout our youth football community,” said Ron Word, President of the Mid State Youth Football League and also the Titans regional representative with USA Football. “Teams from across middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky will be participating in the jamboree. Kids are really looking forward to playing on the same field where the Titans play.

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